Christmas Lists 2004

Alright, I’m looking forward to the holidays. Before the spirit leaves me, I’d appreciate a little help with Christmas lists. I’m going to create a post for each person. Just click on “comments” and there will appear a box for you to scribble what goodies you want. If you think of something else that you want later, just add another comment.

Sizes are important, please include them in your first comment. (Well, sizes are important for clothing– I guess you don’t have to include sizes for DVDs.)

Adults, I’m sure we’ll coordinate this the usual way… barely. 🙂 Phone & email seem like good ways to “claim” items & prevent duplication.

Now, off to the individual posts, so that you’ll have something to respond to.

[Edited to add: Click the comment below the article with your name on it. I’ve moved previous comments into the proper threads. Sorry I wasn’t clearer earlier.]

Alysia — Christmas 2004 List


Hope you’re learning interesting stuff in school; what time period do your history classes cover this year?

On to the question we’ve all been waiting for– what do you want for Christmas? When you respond, please include clothing sizes (and if you’re in the juniors, teens, women’s, or whatever department, or where in the store your sizes are right). I’m probably not brave enough to try clothing shopping for you, but the information will probably be useful to other people with slightly better taste.

Thanks for scribbling back– hopefully I’ll be able to find cool stuff that you’ll enjoy. Though there are some good books out there that I may not be able to resist…
Uncle Scott

Myles — Christmas 2004 List

Hey Myles, good to type at you!

Anyway, I was wondering if there’s anything cool that you want for Christmas? Scribble it all here and we’ll fight like wildebeests to get the coolest stuff. Some of which we might even share with you, we’re that nice.

Um, yeah. Anyway, please include clothing sizes when you scribble your list (by hitting comment). After all, you have to have something easy for other people to get you…

Hope your turkey day is a good one!
Uncle Scott

Tonya’s List — Christmas 2004

What do you want for Christmas Tonya? Please include your clothing sizes in the comment, even if you don’t want clothing. Even though I’d be a fool to shop for women’s clothing, I’ve been foolish before. (If you’re just wise enough not to want clothing from me, it may be useful info for others with better taste…) If you’re different sizes in different brands, include that!

For you especially, if there are particular stores that have good gift cards, and you’d like cute little rectangles of plastic, include them.
— Scott