Small Favor

The most recent book in the Dresden Files, this follows White Knight. I wouldn’t advise that anyone start the series here– while it works out fine, there are a lot of relationships and context that make sense only if you know what went on before. While it makes sense in the context of the book, Murphy fans will miss their heroine– she shows up, but much less than several of Harry’s other relationships.

The plot is a twisted and scheming thing in the background, with Harry’s understanding much simpler and more direct. As it goes on, it’s interesting to see how the other takes are valid and often have better grounding. The blasting rod sub-plot was very interesting… and was something I didn’t notice until it was pointed out.

All in all, another worthy book in the series. If you’re still reading, the story keeps rolling on. It’s not the finest stand alone, but it’s a solid entry in an excellent series.