Tonya’s List — Christmas 2004

What do you want for Christmas Tonya? Please include your clothing sizes in the comment, even if you don’t want clothing. Even though I’d be a fool to shop for women’s clothing, I’ve been foolish before. (If you’re just wise enough not to want clothing from me, it may be useful info for others with better taste…) If you’re different sizes in different brands, include that!

For you especially, if there are particular stores that have good gift cards, and you’d like cute little rectangles of plastic, include them.
— Scott

Daily Update 11/3

Kerry Endorsement Gets it right. (from Obsidian Wings)

Media Matters’ new book, Misstating the State of the Union

Bush’s National Nightmare of Peace And Prosperity Over with hyperlinks to where the ‘predictions’ came true. Urgh.

Card Game (strong, party game): Big Idea by Cheapass Games
Board Game (interested, but not strongly): Ideology by Z-Man Games
Board Game (strong): Feudo by Zugames

Recent Books (returning to library today):
Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, by Chuck Klosterman
Vanishing Point, by Michaela Roessner
The Burning Hills, by Louis L’Amour


(From a commenter, PD Shaw, on Dan Drezner’s site)

On stereotypes, I like the article I read the other day (sorry don’t remember where), which said:

Republicans fear that a Kerry presidency will lead to endless appeasement of terrorists and the French, culminating in the subsequent presidential election of Hillary Clinton.

Democrats fear that a second Bush term will lead to a state of endless war and the introduction of an economic system known as feudalism.