This is something of an experiment; the core of my website was an extensive list of personal links. That’s still how I use it, honestly, but I’ve dramatically slimmed down my reading. I’ve even largely given up on RSS because I’m following few enough sites. So I’m going to try dragging the information into this blog page for easier management going forward. Wish me luck…

Frequent: Kevin Drum, Scalzi’s Whatever, unfogged, Facebook

Comics: Questionable Content, xkcd, Alice Grove, SMBC, Dumbing of Age, The Pigeon Gazette, Gengi Cat, 32 by Danielle Corsetto

Politics: Obsidian Wings, Shelley Powers, Krugman, Vox, Amanda Marcotte, Dahlia Lithwick, Digby (Hullabaloo), Jim Newell, Empty Wheel

Interests: On the Public Record, Prose Gods, Alas, A Blog, Captain Awkward [tw], Mimi Smartypants [tw],Harry Connolly [tw, LJ], Kameron Hurley [tw], Defective Yeti [tw], Shakesville, Belle Waring at CT

Gaming: Gnome Stew, Vincent’s Anyway [G+], Rob Donaghue, Chris Chinn, Judd Karlman [G+], Doyce [G+], Story Games forums, In the Shadow…, Rogue Princess Squadron, Robin Laws, Dungeonomics, DMing with Charisma, Left Oblique

Other: The Skiffy and Fanty show, Tobias Buckell [tw], Ruhlman, Wil Wheaton, SF Signal, Fantasy Magazine, D&D Official Homepage, Science Now (LA Times)

Friends: Chris [G+], Bier, Suz

Gaming Blogs: RPG Net Reviews, Beth Kinderman: [tw,bandcamp], and Heather Grove
Gaming Forums:  Central Valley Gamers, RPG Geekdo, and Board Game Geek
Other Goodies for Games: Abulafia: a massive random generator site.
Doyce’s Resource Page Errata, clarifications & more, all gathered together.