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Chris’s landlord experience makes me suspect this is true.

A comic Dad will appreciate: Dog washing, and a gloomy story lost in the convention coverage: crackdown and intimidation of protesters, the reporters speak.

I guess it’s time to dress this place up. Thanks for linking to it Chris! 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
Zombie cinema, an RPG like board game?
A cool tick icon

On wanting friends close; she captures it perfectly.
Streetcars: what they do and what we wish they did.
If we plan on traveling to England, this post has a lot of advice.

Sarah McLachlan is putting out two new songs. U want me 2, sold via Netwerk or itunes.
Don’t Give Up On Us
is coming soon
River is one I don’t recognize and should investigate…

Obama’s legislative accomplishments, if you’re curious or have bought the “he’s an empty shirt” attack.

Link clutter buildup severe. Initiate dump.

Talking about 4e’s second round of errata.
Cool fillable, pickable character sheet
Power Cards, character sheet, etc. links for 4e Dungeons and Dragons–
Levi’s Metasystem is up on Fang Langford’s wiki. Cool!
Via Greywolf: Quick cheap minis: 1, 2, 3.
Directed scenes: with a cool example.
Mini poker chips (for 4e conditions)
4e animal stats
ancient maps
Updated location for Maximum Game Fun
Encounter Formula: Challenge (combat, social, puzzle or other) + unique element (memorable NPC, fighting on a rope bridge, etc.) + a way to advance even if the party fails (although perhaps with penalties) = a successful encounter.
Points of Conflict: Self contained 4e encounters, ready to drop in.

Recent Alignments discussion:
(look for forge: Anti-pattern discussion)

Short stories– The First Commandment by Gregory Benford and The Sky is Large and the Earth is Small by Chris Roberson

End of life planning
: Sobering, a good checklist

Look for: Whitney Design Retractable 5-Line Mini Dryer ($10) for easy energy efficency

Omnivoracious (books blog)
Land of Nu stories
A nasty practice: Not just earmarks, but skimming earmarks.

Cool quick reference about major states in the world today: Rising Powers
Stolen Pixels (webcomic)
Beyond Protocol and MMO/RTS game.
Sounds tasty; Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day


Big Picnic Leftie political satire site

Minimum wage and eitc Taken to task, explained.

Hindus vs. Homosexuals Comparing ethics and religion in our treatment

The Original Meaning of Judicial Review It goes back before Marbury v. Madison. 22 pages.

The Texas Miracle What happens when you mandate but don’t fund.

Conservative Bloggers A link to many sources, some of which made it to my blog list.

Blog for America Dean’s website

Structural Problems with America’s debt In depth, scary

Ballooning Defit? Trouble, particularly in long term structure.