21st Century Roleplaying

From 2014 on… read the blog. It’ll be a while before I come back and update this.

In 2013 we played
Kingmaker (A Pathfinder adventure path, where your characters take on feudal responsibilities…)
– For the Tuesday Night group, I ran a Fate One-shot last summer. (Set in a dystopian 1980s.) The game got a bit derailed, but it was still a fun night.
– I ran Dot-Dash-Dash-Dot (Fate Accelerated) and Psi*Run at the RPG Minicon.
– We also tried out FATE Core with some Cowboys and Marshals in the old west, run by Brian.
– Marc ran a Top Secret/SI game for us over the summer. (Special forces operating along the Mexico border, with some “ripped from the headlines” elements.

In 2012 and 2011 we played:
Two long mini-series of Star Wars: Saga Edition. My character was Doumar, a soldier (scout) who kept getting into trouble for the Republic (with Jaris and Isao Shin) back in the Knights of the Old Republic Era. It was one of my favorite campaigns, ever.
– I got in some some Spooktacular and traditional Pathfinder with the Fresno group.
– I ran a one shot of In a Wicked Age
– I ran several seasons of D&D Encounters at the game store while I was still in town on Wednesdays regularly.
– We created a cluster for Diapsora, but didn’t return to that universe for play.
A Penny for My Thoughts became a go to game for me; perfect for one shots and collaboration.
– Brian ran several levels of a 4e D&D game; it was tough and fun.

2010 and Older:
Aces and Eights. Mostly Robert Cassidy’s journal, but also included links to forums supporting Aces and Eights and other resources.
Spirit of the Century with the Hanford guys.
D&D 4e: Jennifer ran a cool campaign for me, Bryan and Bre. Our characters are here. Looking for 4e links? Included is the Book of NPCs 2.0.
Primetime Adventures, where we wrested with time travel as the Time Preservers. (I produced.)
D&D 3.5e: Empire of Iron, Dragon’s Talons, Strife and Pride [broken].
Serenity: Wiki of our short game. (Alliance and Rebel on the same ship mix with tremendous volatility.)
Shadowrun 3: Our ShadowRunning wiki
Star Wars: We played several campaigns, including New Republic Agents, Smugglers and Criminals[broken] and Traitors to Empire [broken]
Dogs in The Vineyard Characters & Stats, [DiTV] First Branch , [DiTV] Destiny Branch, [DiTV] New Gidea
Wheel of Time: Homebrew notes and characters  [broken]
Mage: The Ascension: In the Face of Darkness [also broken]