The Deed of Paksenarrion reread

I was looking at books to recommend to Jennifer and thought she’d enjoy The Deed of Paksenarrion. A few weeks later, I decided that I must have been craving it for myself, so I reread it.

It’s still very good. It’s interesting, in that each book goes 20% past what you think the conclusion is going to be. Like, book 1 is training, and the first year, which is dramatic–including the awesome return from Dwarfwatch sequence. But the book continues on into season 2, which has a few dramatic scenes–including one where Paks is knocked out and almost dies after fighting priests of Liart. Her calling is clear as she recovers… but the book doesn’t stop there, either. The campaign continues until its end against Siniva… but even there hangs with deeds undone.

The second book begins with dismay at garrisoning cities that… fear their new pirate lord, Alured. That’s brief (a few chapters), followed by a couple of chapters as a caravan guard, followed by a novella long quest alongside Meaceon. Then into Brewersridge for another several chapters–it’s the heart of the book. Then on to Fin Panir, then onto the quest, then onto the bitter consequences. It’s really interesting–it’s five or so discrete and pretty balanced chunks, each with its own tone.

Anyway, it was good to read again. I’ll probably ask for the five book sequel trilogy that follows; I’ve read a few from the library, but think I’d like to have them all.