Next Game: Friday May 2nd

I’ve spoken with everybody and we’re all on board for gaming on Friday. If circumstances change, please let us know. Otherwise we’ll pickup the story where we left off– just after the enslaved gnomes were reunited with the gnome outriders.

See you Friday!

Rome Report

We had a great time on our honeymoon, and really enjoyed exploring Rome. We babbled about it at great length with Dad on Saturday… for most of the afternoon. I’m going to scribble down at least quick notes about the trip and what we saw now, and hope to add more detailed posts later. I’ll link off to our photos when we get them up on flikr.

On to the capsule summary…

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Struggle for Rome

Struggle for Rome is a Settlers of Catan variant that we picked up in Rome. Unfortunately, the version we bought has only Italian rules. Here are various resources for the game:
wikipedia overview
Board Game Geek page, including translations of the quick reference cards in PDF format.
Mayfair games page: Home page for the English version of the game
ProfEasy tutorial, for a quick English introduction to the game.
Reviews: one, two.

Next Game: Friday May 9th

We’re off for a couple of weeks; Jennifer and I are off on our honeymoon, then Kev will be out of town. We’ll resume in May with everyone hopefully well rested and ready to go.

If you can’t make it May 9th, please let us know.

If you saw my brief lived stupidity (where I ignored this post and started to line up this weekend) please ignore it. The rest of the previous post [minus the bad info] has been appended below…

We’re back in country and look forward gaming with you again, hopefully soon. Board games might fit right away, but as noted above, we’re looking at May 9th for D&D.

On a side note, Josh let me know that roleplaying is not doing it for him right now, so we’ll continue the game with Denia moving into the background. If/when Josh decides that he’s interested in playing again, we’ll welcome him back.

Lots of clutter

RPGThoughts, a new blog.

I bookmarked this for the post’s name… I need to see what it is. Dr Who Torchwood and BSG

How cities change over time

I am TRex, a political humor blog.
Thick political newsfeed
Cheryl’s Mewsings: a cool sci-fi fandom site.

Levi is working on a SotC/Perfect 20 cross
Tokyo Rain RPG developer’s log. Interesting discussion about emulating the books. (The books also sound cool…)
Fantastic Dice Bag.

(Investigate): Bacchus’ Banquet Playtest Review by Shannon Appelcline (5/5).
Wordfare Playtest Review by Tom Vasel (5/3).
(Read) El Capitn (2007)
An interesting sounding expansion to Mare Nostrum: Mythology.
AT-43 company manager

Law of Survival

Law of Survival is the third book in Kristine Smith’s Jani Killian series. It’s early, but I’m enjoying it much more than Code of Conduct so far. [As ever, more later.]

Next Game: Uncertain

Keep an eye on your schedules and let us know what days work for you this upcoming weekend. Friday night doesn’t work at the moment, so let us know how Saturday [the 12th] and Sunday [the 13th] work for you. Both are available– let me know which (or both) you can make.

When we left the PCs, they’d endured a spider ambush and fought off the draconian relief force. We had setup the battlefield for the caravan ambush… they’re in the PC’s sights. Everyone (save the watch) is just waking up as the caravan rounds the corner…

Update: Since everyone seems to be pretty flexible, I’ll call around tonight to see if Saturday at 6:30 pm works for everyone.