Next Game: Friday April 4th

We’re next scheduled for a game Friday April 4th. If you’ll have any trouble making it, please let us know.

We left off with the PCs in dwarven occupied land, looking for the second slave caravan in the light woods between Gleyn and the Fox Clan’s plantations.

Highest Hearable Tones

My hearing is almost as bad as I imagined. No loud music, but I’m still in cranky old person hearing ranges!

You thought you were really with it and in with your younger colleagues but they just laugh at you because you can’t hear beyond this!

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 14.1kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!

Blocking the Courthouse Door and SFWA Europe

The two books are Blocking the Courthouse Door by Stephanie Mencimer, and The SFWA European Hall of Fame, edited by James and Katherine Morrow.

Blocking the Courthouse Door is a solid book; if you’re interested in the civil court system at all, you’ll learn something new in this book. The book is strongest when it’s talking about cases and industry organizations. While its critiques of the Republican machine and its adoption of tort reform are solid, the obvious stridency can get in the way of the well illustrated assault on non-corporation suits.

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Next Game: Friday March 21st

UPDATE 2: OK, the 21st didn’t work either. Can everybody make the 28th?

UPDATE: Jim will be out of town on the 21st, but if he’s the only person who can’t make it, we’ll continue on without him. [It’s convenient that you ended last session in a town; he can always ride after you and join later.]

If you can’t make it tomorrow (Friday) night, please let me know so I can call around an cancel if necessary. — Scott


Lots of people are busy this Friday (the 14th), so we’re looking forward to gaming on Friday, March 21st. Please let us know if you’ll have any trouble making it on the 21st.

We did finish off the battle; with the aid of the western strike force, you pulled off a stunning and complete victory over the attacking dwarves. That should be a sharp lesson to the foe.

Now, of course, comes the “what’s next” decision. I’ll try to put out some of the information that comes up here (and perhaps by email), so that you can discuss next steps between sessions.

Next Game: Friday March 7th

While illness and work schedules rose up and crushed us last Friday, I’m looking forward to a game on Friday. Can everyone make it? Dad’s on the mend, and Jennifer will be back (though she may be tired).

Are you ready to get resume? I remember that most of you were resting under trees in a clearing, watching the gray smoke of the camp slowly die out in the distance. Ready to finish what you started?