Next Session: Sunday September 30th

How about a Sunday afternoon game? (Kev’s working Friday night and Ben’s at Saturday’s Bulldogs game.) I’m proposing Sunday at 2:30. Can you make it? Would another time work better for you? Just add a comment or call me and I’ll get the word out.

Josh created a street samurai/mercenary type… a tough Dwarf who takes cannon hits and laughs. He’s shaping up to be the spear point of our wedge. Welcome!

Shadowrun Resources:
Shadowrunning wiki with some old clues, some characters, and a few “getting to know your character” questionnaires. If you want to edit it, just let me know and I’ll send you a link.
Shadowrun links page. A collection of resources for Shadowrun from across the web. The 6th world wiki timeline is a handy way to get up to speed on the world of 2057.

Extraction begins September 22nd

Unless we hear otherwise, expect our runners to start getting into serious trouble on Saturday. We’re headed across the border into the Sidhe-Salish lands to extract the pronged pocket-comp and the data on those files. We’ll be facing the Flying Monkeys and more…

Let us know if you’ll have any trouble making it. Hopefully sleep will be kinder to everyone this week. See you soon!

Last weekend didn’t work, but I have hopes for the 22nd. Can everyone make it?

(Off topic: Stangely, Stupid Ranger is a pretty good group gaming blog.)

Next Game: Saturday September 8th

We’re on to game Saturday night, 6:30 pm just like last week. Seattle seems to have strange nuke issues (with bonus strange symbols), Amadeus is bereft without the big glowy statue we glimpsed in the warehouse, and our runners are safe in the bosom of Ares after a thorough debriefing.

I wonder what we’ll be up to next?

Dawn of Worlds(PDF) is the communal world building game I mentioned on Saturday. We’ll use it to build a campaign world for the D&D campaign whenever we start. Remind me Saturday and I’ll hand out “early thinking” sheets about the upcoming game.