Next Game: Friday March 23rd

We got off to a solid start last week. Can everyone make it this week? (I still think I can, though I may be late…)

Idea: We should call back the Johnson and tell him that his plans are out of date. See if we can get a little more money for correcting them, and see if he wants to give us a few more “soda cans” to cover the new area. If he doesn’t pay, we won’t tell him about the secret tunnel– but if he does, we should, offhandedly mention it, and see if he’s interested in adding to the reward. (Or if it seems important to him…)

Next Game: Friday March 16th

Shadowrun on Friday… let’s kick some hoop. If you’ll have trouble making it, just let us know.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts. or want to work anything out before the session, let’s get scribbling or phone calling.

I’ve sketched out a background on the wiki— if you have notes you want to add, I know I’m interested.

Here’s a page with the changes from Shadowrun 2 to 3 highlighted.

Recent roleplaying finds

On playing the Cleric: A good discussion about why people do and don’t enjoy it.
John Kim’s Spirit of Serenity: one and two (Spirit of the Century crossed with the Firefly universe, one shot.)
Dreamation interview w/ Vincent, a Sons of Kryos podcast.
Good Afraid guide and Actual Play. (Afraid is a horror sequel to Dogs in the Vineyard.)
New Horizon Q&A. (New Horizon is the first Spirit of the Century supplement, about people marginalized in traditional pulps.)
Roleplaying fun with kids. A thread I link to all the time.
James Wallis’s page
IPR’s retailer’s page

Politics and other goodness

One Female Canuck, a funny site.

From a great post by Hilzoy about war and hubris:

“Violence is not a way of getting where you want to go, only more quickly. Its existence changes your destination. If you use it, you had better be prepared to find yourself in the kind of place it takes you to.”

This is Hilzoy on Peter’s previous piece.

Can’t fire teachers easily? Studies show that leads to better outcomes for students.

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Next Game: Friday March 9th

We’re on schedule to get together next this upcoming Friday. We’ve tentatively scheduled it as a Shadowrun Character and Background Creation session. Kev has told us that any group of runners will work– don’t worry about “balancing” the team.

Here’s what we have so far, also on a new wiki page:

Dad: A former swat team magician, enhanced a bit with cyberware and a few body enhancements. Very good at melting brains and knocking people out…

Me: A kid with a gift for healing; long on skills for “getting along” on the streets.

Jennifer: A skilled, probably cybered fighter, with a love of cars and retro technology.

Any corrections anyone? Any early thoughts Ben?

If you’re on the web and have some time to kill, I have a page of Shadowrun links that might be useful.