Next Game: Friday Nov 3rd

New log entry is up. Let us know if you’ll have any problem making the game.

Also, if you want to scheme between sessions on how we want to deal with our inconvenient would be king, we can knock around ideas in comments.

FOOD NOTE: Dad has offered to make jambalaya for us, since pizza has been disagreeing with him. If that doesn’t sound good (say, for the kids) we can call for pizza as well.

Christmas Lists 2006

Dad’s already chomping at the bit, so let’s start adding wish lists as comments. If you think of something else and want to tack it on, go ahead and just add a new comment– I might combine it with your existing list to make shopping a little easier. (Of course, I might be lazy and leave them separate too… we’ll see how it goes.)

You don’t have to do anything special to post, though it won’t show up right away due to anti-spam measures. I’ll try and get it approved quickly, but I’m not on everyday so don’t sweat if it takes a while.

It seems early to say it, but “Merry Christmas!”

Board Games with Dave

I flew to Las Vegas to join Chris and Jarred at David and Nicole’s for a weekend of board gaming. We started from the moment we got to Dave’s house, and played through the weekend. We got in a lot of games…

Saturday we started with Blind Justice, where you play trial lawyers in the 80s. It’s a solid game; Jarred continued his winning streak, making it to the end while we were still struggling in district court.

We also played a few games of Guillotine, which was good silly fun. Many heads were collected…

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Next Up: Friday, October 27th

I’ll be out of town this weekend (and Jennifer will probably be sleeping the sleep of the righteous). We’re next on Friday, October 27th, unless something crops up. If something does, let us know.

(I’ll put the loot list on the wiki, so people can make comments & discuss individual items. When I do, I’ll edit in a link here.)

UPDATE: As you’ve probably already noted, I haven’t gotten around to the loot list, though I did get up the recap. Hopefully I’ll get the loot up next week.

Twelve Characters

From Fairplay comes the 12 Character Meme.

First, write down 12 characters you’ve played.
1. Daryl (Amber Diceless)
2. Graal (Shadowrun)
3. Jack (Vampire)
4. Kogor (D&D 3.5)
5. Hrsai (D&D 3.5)
6. Takender Wholesbane (Wheel of Time homebrew)
7. Alanora (AD&D)
8. Kader Firdazz (Star Wars d6)
9. Jeremiah Hiral (Champions)
10. Tav’var (Star Wars d6)
11. Flint Despada (Star Wars d6)
12. Jeremiah (Mage: The Ascension)

Then you answer questions. Don’t go to the next step without writing down 12 characters first.

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