Hilzoy and Charles discuss Islam

Charles and Hilzoy have a dialogue about Islam:
Charles begins with a post; Hilzoy responds, and later then she expands her point. Thereafter, Charles writes a post grappling with Hilzoy’s inclusion of cultural humiliation as a factor. Hilzoy explains why cultural humiliation is important to understand, then she continues to explain how technological progress does and doesn’t relate to the concept.

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Next Game: Friday June 2nd

UPDATE: After miscommunication, the session was canceled.

Maybe. We’ll need to make sure Dad thinks he can make it, since he’ll be headed up to Kristen’s graduation from CSUS the next morning way too early. In comments, please indicate which weekends you’re free to game. For now, Jim, Scott, and Jen are big drags this month.

May 26th: Unavailable
June 2nd: Good (Dad’s off to Kristen’s graduation the next day, but he’s sucking it up. Yay game!)
June 9th: Unavailable [Dad’s off to Eric’s]
June 16th: Good [though we’re off to Chris and Holly’s wedding the next morning]
June 23rd: Good [so far…]

The campaign log has session five sketched in. Expand on whatever interests you.

Strange thoughts in line

Last night I did some grocery shopping, then headed to Chipolte’s. I parked a short distance away and noticed a pair of paramedics getting out of their truck. As fate had it, I reached the door just before they did, so I held it open. They walked through.

Perhaps fifteen seconds before the paramedics had gone in, a couple had walked in the door. The line was reasonably long, but nothing outrageous.

We’re standing in line for a minute or so, when a guy walks in the door. He passes both me and the paramedics and joins the couple. Then, perhaps feeling guilty, they wave the paramedics forward, ahead of their expanded party of three.

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A few playtest games, a wiki…

Vincent has recently created two playtest documents.
AG&G is a rollicking, short run game. It aims high… and playtest reports seem positive.
Afraid: Supernatural Horror uses DitV like mechanics, but pushes the dark side.

Martin just soft launched a Treasure Tables wiki, ready to be filled with GM advice.
Troy muses on Character Death, with a great discussion in comments.
Ron explains a game design process, top to bottom

Next Game: Friday May 19th

Jennifer and I will be out of town exploring baseball and other things San Fransisco-y. I’m looking forward to returning to our Star Wars game afterwards. I’ll try and update the New Republic Agents pages with the second half of our third session and session four. If you get there first, that’s great.

Hope your week’s a good one!