StarWars: Starting Friday March 31st

Our next game is scheduled for March 31st. We’re currently planning on playing Star Wars– Ben, any further thoughts on how we’ll start? Do you want us to create common backgrounds, work on character histories– anything we can do to help you prepare?

I’ll add my character (and Jennifer’s) to the wiki. If you’re going to have trouble making it Friday, let us know.

New wiki and Next Game: Friday March 24th

Next Friday night we’re planning on creating characters for our new Star Wars game… and, if we still have time, return to our Dragon’s Talons game.

Since setting up a wiki is a hassle, but I love to share the ability to create and edit, I got a free Peanut Butter wiki. It is easy to use– just click the “edit page” button on top.

Wiki main page. Links to the rest of the wiki.
New Republic Agents. The page I set up for the Star Wars game we’ll be playing (and that Ben will be running). I figure we can discuss characters and the like there… or in this thread if you’d rather.

Update: See the first comment for thorough instructions on making your edits to the wiki. Dad has successfully edited– have you? (Kev has too.)

March 17th: The Dragon’s Talons return

The evils of his corporate employer are too extensive to list, but this last act of aggression is too much. The beatings… oh, yeah, I’m not supposed to mention that.

So, Kev’s got to work Friday. We’ll be talking about games and game systems. If there’s anything you want us to bring up Kev, just let me know– or add it to the Pitch Ideas thread.

We’ll return to Dragon Talon goodness on March 17th.

UPDATE: We met last night and discussed the various pitches. We’ve narrowed it down to three concepts, but didn’t want to vote until Kev could be there. We were in a very sci-fi mood…

The three pitches are:

  • Star Wars d6: Heroic. Set after Return of the Jedi, as the New Republic and Empire jockey for position. We’ll be the people who will swing the fate of planets… It’ll be larger than life, pulp-like.
  • D20 Modern: Paranormal Investigators. We’ll be people who know there’s more out there than society believes. Whether it’s aliens, demons, or some other power– only investigation will tell.
  • Fate: 2182. The PCs are a Morgan Team; elite agents empowered by the confederacy to keep things running. Teams may battle pirates, bring around recalcitrant rulers, thwart secessionist plots, and discover new worlds. Sleek vessels unfurl delicate Tachyon catching sails, while below, ice is mined in frigid, near vacuum bubbles.

If I got a pitch wrong, let me know and I’ll correct it. Also, how do we want to vote? A secret ballot? We talked about them for a while this time and found that Ben and I are both eager to run our games, but neither of us demands GMing. Dad was willing to set aside the Dragon’s Talons, but withdrew his suggestion when we picked up knives and bared our teeth.