Game Coordination

UPDATE: We’ve delayed until Saturday (noon) so Dogs watching can happen. I’m pretty sure Dad’s already talked with everyone, so this is just a reminder.

We’re off for the next two weeks; this week Jennifer & I’ll be at GenCon SoCal. As mad gaming fools we hope to have a lot of fun experiences to talk about when we return. The following week is Thanksgiving and we’ll still be out of town (as will Dad).

So, the next game looks like it should be on Friday, December 2nd. Let us know if you have any problem with that day… otherwise we’ll return to the adventures of the Dragon’s Talons then.

Graham/Bingaman Amendment

Katherine and Hilzoy have gone to incredible lengths to illustrate hideous consequences of the Graham Amendment. The Graham amendment neuters the constitution, eliminating Habeus Corpus.

All of the posts are solid and add to a creeping sense of horror. A few examples are here: Family Videos and Medical Malpractice. Graham lied in his speech, denigrating the events alleged at Guantanimo. In less than an hour, the whole Senate voted on the twisted thing.

Fortunately, the Bingaman amendment undoes the broken part of the bill. It will be introduced to the Senate tomorrow morning. However right the accusations are– and they may be baseless for all anyone knows– it is critical that our Senators not eliminate Habeus Corpus. Katherine’s Closing Statement has all of the posts linked together.

Read it and call your Senators.

UPDATE: The amendment was defeated, kindof. It was actually amended– it wound up better than written, worse than before the amendment. Hilzoy updates the story and writes about what we do with people we find innocent. (Hint: The answer is not “set them free”.)

Recent roleplaying links

Eric Wujuck’s Diceless discussion, on luck, roleplaying, and strategizing.

Your goal as a Dogs GM, reiterated by Vincent. Good clarification.

A couple of good posts about Kickers. Kickers 1 and Kickers 2.

A great town for Dogs, honed through discussion. Olive Grove Branch.

GM Resources
: a huge meta-thread filled with links to other good threads about all kinds of GM inspiration and the like.

Blogging your game sessions advice and encouragement from Treasure Tables.

HSAs and other health care tricks

Hilzoy has a brilliant post up about “Health Savings Accounts”; a poorly planned system whose main advantage is the destruction of employer provided healthcare as we know it.

Walmart charms us with its new tricks for slimming their health care costs.

Speaking of stuff you purchase but can’t comparison shop for… see what nice lemons our voting machines are?

Of course we’ll probably save lots of money treating people for complications from their illegal abortions. The new justice has pretty regressive views about all kinds of things; attempting to strike down maternity leave, force spousal notification, and other charming views. Ann at feministing rounds up some of his most eye popping judgements.