Unsorted Links

Return to sender comic (updated mondays)


Actor/Picture Galleries: Student Movie Database , LA Stars

Bandwith Comics Cool animated comic

Jet Wolf’s Heart of the Flames

Universal Currency Converter Exchange rates the easy way

Brainwashing America An opinion piece on current passivity

Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics Exactly what it sounds like. Be very afraid.

Dating horror stories

Avalon high: comic end of run

Wolf Pack Phone Support horror stories! (Very funny)

How Suff Works Excellent, easily comprehensible explanations for everything.
Government in specific

Photojournalism Beautiful amazonian (etc.) photos

Scaled Starships Accurately Scaled starships from many shows

Timelines (from many movies, tv shows, etc.)

Paleothea Gallery: Women in greek myth

Nodwick A comic from Dragon Magazine

Alternate Timelines

Lazy writer’s character questionaire

twin towers as a badly run d&d game