There are 10 worlds in the cluster. Here's the worlds, their ratings, and what links they possess.


Zebron (T-1, E-1, R+1) Links to: Arbor,Dunsten,Mumun
Mumun (T+2, E+1, R-1) Links to: Arbor, Zebron, New Detroit
Arbor (T-1, E-1, R+2) Links to: Mumun, New Detroit, Zebron
New Detroit (T+2, E-1, R+4) Links to: Arbor,Dunsten,Mumun, Praesidium, Utopia
Dunsten (T0, E+2, R+2) Links to: Genesis, New Detroit, Quadrivium, Utopia, Zebron
Praesidium (T+1, E+1, R+2)Links to: Genesis, New Detroit, Utopia
Utopia (T0, E0, R+1) Links to: Dunsten,New Detroit, Praesidium, Razor
Genesis (T+1, E+2, R+2) Links to: Dunsten, Praesidium, Razor
Razor (T-2, E+1, R+2) Links to: Genesis, Quadrivium, Utopia
Quadrivium (T+2, E0, R-1) Links to: Dunsten, Razor