More on curing

Here are two more variations I’ve encountered while browsing the web this last week. The Cure Spells variation implements a semi-wound point system, since negative hit points become much more difficult to heal. [It also plays with the Caster/Recipient level distinction, which is interesting.]

The second variation encourages taking the heal skill.

[If there’s a topic you want to throw out for discussion during the week, tack it on this comment– or just email me. –Scott]

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Gameday 1/21/2005 (Friday)

Does anyone have a problem showing up this week? 6:30 is still the planned start time. Chime in if you’re going to have any problem making it, or even if you’re sure that you’ll be there.

Let’s discuss food. What do we want to eat– Pizza again sound good, or are you all craving something different?

Update: Good news– Zack will join us for Friday.
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If you have any problems (or if this greatly annoys you), let me know.

Death and Hit Points

Before we get there, I thought I’d bring up the only random part of leveling up– hit points. There are a lot of campaigns out there, and they’ve each got a take on how to solve it. I think we’d all prefer not to have too many ones… especially for the first few levels when it really matters.

a) Three-quarters of max each level. This is the most generous guaranteed hit points that I’ve seen. [I have seen a few “just give max at each level”, but really, why make it a die type at that point?]

b) Use WOTC’s Monster design rules- average hit points per level (so 4.5 per d8 for example).

c) Roll the die. If it comes up a one, reroll it. Still pretty variable, but at least you’re not stuck with ones.

d) Roll two dice & keep the better one. While there’s still a chance of a low number (even a one), it’s pretty slim.

e) Roll three dice and keep the middle one. This cuts back on the extremes- both high and low are unlikely, so you’ll often have a mid range roll.

f) High minimum old school For the first ten levels, characters are guaranteed high hit points (reroll anything falling in the bottom half). From 10 on, the con bonus is eliminated, and it returns to +1,+2, or +3 per level, like old 2nd edition. (It’s an interesting tradeoff, but it doesn’t reflect 3e’s assumptions very well.)

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Gameday 01/14/2005 (Friday)

Does anyone have a problem showing up this week? Is there anything that we need to do before Friday? [Dad: What would you like for us to do? Is there any information you need us to bring or email before the session?]

I’m thinking another 6:30 start is the plan. Hopefully we’ll be ready to roll– I enjoyed last week and am already eager for another.

Bookmark this and check in each week to keep everyone informed. Thanks.

DnD ideas

Most of this I found on Monte Cook’s site, under his DMing advice. There’s some good thought– and the serendipity of his group being large (7 vs. our 6) made some of his articles very appropriate.

Dealing with large groups (his is a 7 person group)– it’s a three parter. Part One, Part Two, Part Three

50 magic items, detailed
. A short history and some game stats for each; should be cool. A free download on RPGNow.

Treasure Cards is an interesting idea. Instead of having equipment written on a sheet, keep index cards instead. It makes it easier to loan (just hand over the card), and other useful benefits. (Like it’s especially good for single use items that you otherwise forget.)
Damage reduction, a house rule to solve some problems he has with “boring plusses” and “golf-bag of weapons” issues.
An article on equipping NPCs w/ Magic Items. Mostly demonstrates the flexibility of the system, and how tinkering’s quite reasonable.

Hope they prove useful.

Gameday 01/07/2005

So, it looks like we’ll be playing on Friday nights for a few weeks. So far, it looks like everyone can make it Friday night. We’ll start around 6:30pm.

Does anyone have any questions or things to straighten out before Friday? Anyone have problems with showing up Friday? Please respond in thread.


Populations and other research

Some recent finds:
Building Prestige Classes (Part 1)
Building Prestige Classes (Part 2)
Population Demographics A tighter method of stating out towns A Forgotten Realms (Harper) campaign
Complete Domain Spellbook
6 person party experience forum discussion
Magic Item Reference

Sorcerer variants

The articles are thorough and generally good. (Not so sure about the last; I snagged it to peruse later.)