Core rules, ideas, etc.

As you are all aware, I’m easily seduced by new systems and the like. White Wolf greatly improved their die system in the New World of Darkness; amazing what happens when you let someone who understands statistics look at it.

The core of system is the same. Roll Stat+Skill dice vs. a TN [target number] Each success means a more impressive effect.

There are changes. One success is always enough to have an effect. (IE, you’ll never hear “you need three successes to do X.) Combat is no longer an opposed roll. Botches happen only if you’re unqualified or desperate.

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Ire #10: Oscar Nominations

This is great for low key games, where glitz and glitter rarely apply. (Say, D&D, Wheel of Time, and the like). The campaign can involve dungeon crawls; this makes a way to break out of the typical mould.

Begin by telling the PCs about a cool party, social gathering, or the like that the local baron’s going to throw. Just make it a random town square announcement, connected to nothing. Then do nothing with it while they go about their next adventure.

The spike is this– at the end of their adventure, they’ll find incriminating documents. Documents that point at the baron, or one of his guests…

Our 10th IRE has to do with the recent Academy Award Nominations. Glamour. Glitz. Stars. Awards. Campaigns for Awards. The usual madness.

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Lunchtime Poll #12: Look It Up

Lunchtime Poll #12

What’s the most useful non-gaming source of information (book, website, etc.) you’ve ever found? And what makes it so darn useful?

Online, I have a few resources I use… for wildly different reasons. I like What a for its Chraracter Actor pictures. I don’t visualize clearly enough to describe people, most of the time. This helps- or gives me a picture to pass around. Other goodies include the CIA World Factbook, for useful maps and facts. The last commonly used resource is a tarot spread, like the one from Web, since I don’t do readings at all well by hand, but still find them useful.

Offline, a good map of the city (for a modern day game) is ideal. The best maps are tourist ones– they include landmarks of note and help give you a clear idea of a place, plus they suggest names for further research and investigation.

D&D CANCELLED: Through Fri Feb. 25th

What the title says– this is a reminder that the D&D game is cancelled for the next two weeks. We should resume on Friday the 25th (if I understand correctly). If that day doesn’t work for you, be certain to indicate that in the comments.

UPDATE: Friday evening, 6:30 is the new plan. Dad’s out of town Saturday afternoon & evening.

Purchases between games

Last week, we were discussing purchasing stuff between sessions, so that we’re ready to get to the “good stuff” when the next adventure begins. Here are some of the key points that came up in the thread.

Ben asked how much gold we’ve made– an important question for shopping. We divied out 75 gp apiece last time, so most characters probably have 75-80 gp. If you saved money at character generation, you might have more.

There are a number of links- one to equipment (with price and details) and several to familiars, in case Jennifer decides to go that route.

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D&D Game- Friday 2/5/2004

With last week’s game cancelled, I’ll be chomping at the bit for this session. The delay gives us a while to finish shopping and get prepped for the next session. If you’re going to be late, leave early, etc. this thread’s ideal.

It’ll be the first week playing at the new address; fortunately, I think everyone has at least driven by. If you’re at all unclear about how to get to our place just call: 228 3324.

Update: SBC turned on our phone in a strange place, but the electrician has been out so phone and internet are both a go.

CANCELED Friday 1/28/2005

UPDATE: Disease has struck Dad down, so there will be no session tonight.

This is an open post about the upcoming Friday session. Let us know if you’re going to be late, want to mix up the food orders (or if the same Pizza mix will be good again this week).

This will be the last week of gaming at Chateau Martin– next week (February 4) we’ll try out the new digs.

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Shopping and paperwork

I remember that people were talking about getting some shopping done during the week, so we won’t have to take gametime to do it next Friday. I guess this thread is here for posting what you’re buying, asking about availability, and the like.

UPDATE: Ben asked how much gold we’ve made– an important question for shopping. We divied out 75 gp apiece last time, so most characters probably have 75-80 gp. If you saved money at character generation, you might have more.

Here’s a link to an online price list, etc. straight from the player’s handbook: Equipment