Niffty Lease Space search tool has a google map style pan and zoom around town map with lease listings. Click on an R and it pops up some quick data [property type, rent/SF/yr] and has a “view listing” link at the bottom with all of the extra info. It looks like a lot of spaces get good information– a dozen pictures, agent, links to any PDFs, etc.

Scouting 7-20

464 E Bullard Ave, Bullard Village Shopping Center. It’s on Bullard, just east of Fresno (not on the corner). It’s two buildings in a T shape– a building perpendicular to Bullard, and a building parallel to Bullard at the back. It looks quite new, and is mostly empty for now. Against Bullard is Jiffy Mart Liquor, at the other end of that building is PC Club, with vacancies between. The back building parallels Bullard, with an attractive fountain/statue centered on the building. Only a karate school is in this building, at the left end. Continue reading “Scouting 7-20”