Scott birthday list 2005

Why Did the Chicken? (Play Again Games)
Competitions : Book Two of The Blending (Blending) by Sharon Green
Challenges : Book Three of The Blending (Blending)
Betrayals : Book Four of the Blending (Blending)
Prophecy : Book Five of The Blending (Blending)
Vinci (boardgame by Philippe Keyaerts from Eurogames / Descartes – USA, Inc.)
BuyWord (by Sid Jackson, Face to Face Games: Board Game)
Storm front (Book by Jim Butcher)
Monte Cook Presents: The Year’s Best d20 (RPG Book, Sword & Sorcery)
Shaye — “The Bridge” (Music CD)
Spirit of the Century (RPG by Evil Hat Productions)
For Sale (Card Game by Stefan Dorra, published by Uberplay)
Dress Shoes (Black, size 12, simple stylings)
Early American Chrononauts (Looney Labs Card Game)
Mage: The Awakening (RPG by White Wolf)
Keythedral (Keythedral by Richard Breese from Pro Ludo)
Polaris (RPG, online order–
Big Idea by Cheapass Games (Party Game)
White Dress Shirt (16 1/2 neck, short sleeve)
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
The Speed of Dark (book by Elizabeth Moon)
With Great Power (RPG, Online Order–
Jinx High (book by Mercedes Lackey)
Carmen Dog (Book by Carol Emshwiller)

A good place to order boardgames online (if the local store fails you):


Big Picnic Leftie political satire site

Minimum wage and eitc Taken to task, explained.

Hindus vs. Homosexuals Comparing ethics and religion in our treatment

The Original Meaning of Judicial Review It goes back before Marbury v. Madison. 22 pages.

The Texas Miracle What happens when you mandate but don’t fund.

Conservative Bloggers A link to many sources, some of which made it to my blog list.

Blog for America Dean’s website

Structural Problems with America’s debt In depth, scary

Ballooning Defit? Trouble, particularly in long term structure.

Music Links

Sarah, The Sea of Waking Dreams (Sarah fansite)

Blastro Lots of Music videos

Amber’s website With much activity on her part.

Tar MacLean’s Multimedia Page Mostly “If I Fall” and interview clips

Tara MacLean – Can You Hear Me?

Someone You Should Know (live) Lisa Loeb preforming “Someone you should know”, live on the Rosie O’Donnel Show. (Link to the Lisa Loeb shrine)

Lisa Loeb Live Tail Lights Fade, Keep On Loving You, Guessing Games, etc.

Jessica Jacobs – Chapter 2 Net release CD (w/ 2 minute free clips)


Launchcast homepage Internet music

Artists without a Label A number of second tier artists Their used music pages

Pollstar See which musicians are coming to town

CD Baby Lots of Indie Music

Games Links

Board Games, Card Games, Mage, D&D, Misc RPGs

Full Thrust Fleet Registry good FT site, lots of ships

Board Games:

Board Game Geek Excellent, communal game review (etc.) site

Billabong Boardgamers Reviews and more for lots of board games.

Links to board games particularly republic of rome

On Line Game Night Java board games: Ra, Medici, E&T, etc.

Addicting games java, etc. games

GMT Games
Board game manufacturers, based in Hanford. Makers of Manfiest Destiny.

Carcassone scoring updates (pdf)

spotlight on games board game discussion/analysis

Empire builder locking(more interactive), More EB variants

Card Games:

Cheapass Games

House of card games rules

D&D Links:

Adventures from Mysteria Basic D&D Adventures updated for 3E

Quick reference sheets Cards for animals are great

d20 World Setting

Medieval demographics Based on real world research. Here’s a D&D version: DnD demographics

Ancient Worlds
Cool styles of magic for d20!

Tilesets , Cut & paste 3D Tiles

Dragon Scale Counters
A cheap, full scale alternative to minis. Sit flat.

3e character sheet templates

D&D Reference Sheets

EnWorld Lots of reviews and ‘up to the minute info’.

Mage (& Storyteller) Links:

total cross system storyteller

Mage Metaphysics 101

Taraqual’s Mage An excellent rewrite of magic for Mage

Biblioteca – Magic Items with cultural flavors, for Mage.

Nephandi in training page

Akashic stuff from 1st Edition

Primium for mage

General Roleplaying

Noblis Chancel making tool

Timewaster’s Guide to RPGs Many reviews and some articles

Scene framing Detailed examples (from the forge)

Role Call
The most current Q&A (similar to GameWISH)

RPGMall Indie and small scale RPGs,
RPG Now Mass RPG seller

Wonderful Zine devoted to China’s Warring State period

Shadowrun Supplemental An eZine for Shadowrun

Amber Variant Cool drama point variant for amber

Orbit rpg Cool sci-fi, without endless tables

Sorceror purchase page Sorcery & the Soul

Sorceror Errata

World Building Advice stuff to consider when building a world (by Patrica Wrede)

Reverse RPG a marble allocation game

Pretender free RPG, Otherkind based

Ars Magica
4th ed free pdf

Future History A fun future history… similar in places to Trinity. Suspicious, no?

National security decision making game Run at cons, etc. Live Deryni chat- 2:30pm Sundays

An excellent (semi) hard SF world: Big Ideas, Grand Vision

Star Trek
– Decipher’s page

Valkerie Quarterly
a british RPG magazine

Lots of whacked articles

RPG Times A good RPG zine, devoted more to online roleplaying

Call of Chuthulu comments

Books Links

What I read on my summer vacation My reviews and notes on various books, Library Books Database

Fresno Library Yes, it’s always handy to have around.

SF Bookcase My favorite of the book review sites Trendy, current book reviews Used to be my homepage, though I visit it only rarely now Indexed poems (the famous ones at least)

The Velveteen Rabbit Full text of the traditional children’s story

SF books , All books Book reviews by Susan

The Onion Mock newspaper, usually quite funny

A blog for writers focussing on the craft. Interesting beginning– writing a credo.

Project Gutenberg Books which have passed out of copywrite, typed in and retrievable.

Unsorted Links

Return to sender comic (updated mondays)


Actor/Picture Galleries: Student Movie Database , LA Stars

Bandwith Comics Cool animated comic

Jet Wolf’s Heart of the Flames

Universal Currency Converter Exchange rates the easy way

Brainwashing America An opinion piece on current passivity

Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics Exactly what it sounds like. Be very afraid.

Dating horror stories

Avalon high: comic end of run

Wolf Pack Phone Support horror stories! (Very funny)

How Suff Works Excellent, easily comprehensible explanations for everything.
Government in specific

Photojournalism Beautiful amazonian (etc.) photos

Scaled Starships Accurately Scaled starships from many shows

Timelines (from many movies, tv shows, etc.)

Paleothea Gallery: Women in greek myth

Nodwick A comic from Dragon Magazine

Alternate Timelines

Lazy writer’s character questionaire

twin towers as a badly run d&d game