Blue Rose: AGE

Well written, I really like the system and the broad strokes setting. I was immediately reminded of Lackey’s tales; there’s a lot of world that’s Valedemar with the serial numbers filed off.

It’s the AGE system; 3d6+Stat, doubles result in stunt points (so about 1 in 4 checks). It keeps the three class structure from d20 Blue Rose; experts, warriors, and adepts. The choices are all strong and interesting–though, like Star Wars–who doesn’t want to wield magic?

Conviction, destiny, and fate are all interesting–not overwhelmingly dominant, but cool ways to accent a character and tempt them. Similarly, Shadow and corruption are more solid that Lackey’s novels… but encourages a game-able problem solving.

It’s joined my active pool of games that I’m interested in moving forward with; AW:2e and Wrath of the Autarch are the other two.