Recent Media through Mid-September


Elizabeth Moon: Oath of Fealty, Kings of the North, and Oath of Betrayal
— An interesting trilogy, a sequel to the Paks books. The multiple points of view do a great job of revealing more about the universe and adding depth. It’s interesting how much slower events progress with the multiple POVs… Pak’s first book covered more time and big changes than the first two and a half books [so far] of this trilogy.

Despite that, I’m not complaining. It’s a good set of books, with a good cast of characters. It’s interesting to see “from the inside” characters that Paks interacted with–and their views of her.

Spero Lucas: The Cut by George P. Pelecanos. A straight up modern day mystery, kind of. The main character is troubled, somewhat troubling, and very interesting. Another interesting view of “sliding between” type characters. Very well written and enjoyable. Good DC area atmosphere too–with a strong place feel.


RoleplayDNA 23 — Phil talks about Odyssey with Roleplay DNA.
RoleplayDNA 24 — Planning the first adventure; while good, I think the episode would have benefitted from a larger team that could have unpacked the unconscious assumptions they were making.
RoleplayDNA-U 1 — Good start, interesting interview
RoleplayDNA-U 2 — Very inside baseball, more about running a game company, still somewhat interesting

Roll for News 2-10: Listened to it because it was about Silverine games. I like the format–very short, good interview. I’ve downloaded a few more for the next week or two.

Ken and Robin 51 – 54. Congratulations on over a year of podcasting! Continued solid episodes.

Ask me Another 9/5 — Peter Segel was the guest. Fun as always.

This American Life 175 — All about what happens when babysitting. Some good tales, somewhat familiar, though not to the extremes shown.
This American Life 388 — A visit to a rest stop. Talking with the workers, travelers. A nice slice of life.

TJ 1034 — Intellectual Property w/ Brad Crisler; an interesting discussion. It’s interesting how Jefferson’s passion for free exchange of ideas cut against patent protection.
TJ 1035 — Regrets w/ Brad Crisler, excellent episode, really quite revealing.
TJ 1036 — Wine; a pleasant conversation with a lot of interesting detail about
TJ 1037 — Government Farms and Food; an easily anticipated attempt to get Jefferson’s hostility to “big government” to rail against SNAP.
TJ 1038 & 39 — Delving into Lewis, discussing the common components of suicides and how they apply to Lewis.
TJ 1040 — The women Jefferson loved; an interesting discussion of how Jefferson related to the women of his life; his wife, daughters, Sally Hemming, etc.