Recent Media 7/15

The biggest change to my listening comes from importing a wide swath of CDs over to my memory stick. There are lots of singers I haven’t really listened to in years… there’s been a fun process of rediscovery.

Beyond that, I’ve been enjoying the Rain Wilds Chronicles that Dad lent me. The first book was a slow start–probably because it appears to mirror and build on events from other related books (like Liveship Traders) that built in an interest that the author didn’t replicate as well from scratch. Still, by 1/3rd of the way into the first book, I had my “party”, all come together and exploring. The second book was good, though I did catch myself noticing how the big setback thoroughly derailed progress. While it felt logical, it also drew out the third quarter of the book. All in all, it’s been a fun read; earlier tonight I finished the second book. The third beckons… tomorrow, if I have sense.

I’m in the process of downloading Shogun 2 from Steam’s summer sale. This sale is made for connections faster than my hotel room connection can handle; currently 23%. Maybe I’ll hit 30% by morning.

Ken and Robin talk about stuff 41-44: The last two featured a very interesting look into Ken’s most recent project. It’s interesting to see what strange history he had to work with, and where he created. Let’s see where the series goes…

Roleplay DNA 22: A good episode, but too much “local interest only” stuff to slog through to get at it. For me, I’d be better served if they started with their topic, then devolved into banter, Colorado news, and what’s going on in their groups lately. As the reverse, I keep wishing for a fast forward…

Ask me Another 216: Fun, uncomplicated. I don’t ask more of it.

This American Life 498: Doing foolish things. The first story worked out so well… a fascinating look at stolid bravery.

Thomas Jefferson Hour 1029 and 1030: Bright episodes about science, learning, the enlightenment, and education. Solid, interesting episodes that play to Jefferson’s unique strengths.