World building continued

I’ve begun advancing the world history to the game start, but would like your opinions and help. Here’s what I put up last night and this morning: Empire of Iron (our game’s main page), Recent History, for the updates to the situation that I’m sketching out, and Rumors of Iron for other thoughts that are bouncing around in my head. They may not all be true, but they fit the image of the Iron Empire (and a few other things so far) in my mind.

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Next Game: Friday January 4th

We’re off this week– Eric is rolling into town on Friday. We’ll start the game (the D&D part) next Friday. Over the next few nights I’ll try to set up what’s gone on since we halted the Dawn of Worlds game, especially local to the start area. I’m asking for more input too– see the post above.

If you’ve changed your character a lot from what we last saw, please tell us… if there’s a full plate clad paladin in the midst, I think everyone wants to know.

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The Smiles of Rome

A guidebook that focuses on excerpting famous authors and writers, and briefly updating the locations so you can find them today. I’ve only begun reading it– this is subject to edits along the way.

The Hacker Crackdown

A look into the status of the computer hacking and phone phreaking underground circa 1992. It’s very interesting; by parts investigative journalism and travelogue. It’s interesting to see the formation of the EFF and more about GURPS Cyberpunk and why it was hit. Bruce Sterling does a good job of talking to the various people involved. While his leanings towards the law and order people are obvious, they match my predispositions.

In the last chapters, it’s interesting to see the futures that people anticipate– Lotus 1-2-3’s Mitchell Kapor eagerly anticipated the coming popularization of the Internet and the move from local BBSes. Spam sounds like a modern outgrowth of the grifters, scammers, and “social engineers” that were popular over a decade ago.

Next Game: Friday, December 21st

We got everyone’s characters close to complete last night. It sounds like a very interesting group is emerging… when a town’s in trouble, they call The A Team. (Or similar…)

If you want to discuss character backgrounds and how you’d like to know each other, start up a discussion in comments. As always, if you’ll have trouble making it Friday, please let us know. We’ll be world building… which should be a lot of fun.

OT: Kev, as a human you have favored class any. That allows one of your classes to “break away” from the classes that must be within a level of each other. So Rogue 2/Monk 18 (and the reverse) are perfectly allowable progression paths. So is Rogue 1/Paladin 1/Dragon Shaman 1/Monk 15 if you’re feeling wacky…

Gaming: 12-14-2007

We’ll shift to a new game this Friday. Kev has important stuff to worry about that will prevent him from prepping the Shadowrun game. Rather than cancel the session, we’ll shift to our backup game.

Our backup game is D&D. Fortunately, we decided on our backup quite a while ago, so I’m ready to roll. Here’s all the detail you need to know…

**Note: There are already some changes. Tomorrow night’s session will probably be more character research & design, while the following session will be the world building. Jennifer has to leave relatively early in the session– she’s attending a party and providing the video game system– so we’ll save the collaborative world building til next time. **

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Green Rider and First Rider’s Call

Kristen Britain’s first book and its sequel.

I liked the first book, Green Rider. It’s a solid adventure story; the Green Riders remind me a bit of Valedemar’s Heralds, but in mostly good ways. The faded magic is an different backdrop. Particularly interesting is the main character Karigan; much like Tolkein’s hobbits, she often succeeds because of her friends and the gifts she’s been given. It’s interesting to see a fantasy hero so dependent on others for everything but mettle.

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First in a long time

Since I have trouble reaching All Consuming [the books site that puts the little covers, “what I’m reading”, and “what I’ve read” in the sidebar], I may revive the books category on the site.

First, though, I’ve stumbled on two websites for book lovers:
Looky Book is a collection of children’s books with all the text and beautiful artwork. Scan through the pretty books to find a gift for your children and little friends.

Library thing. It looks so good, I’ll try it out…

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Next Game: Friday December 14th

UPDATE: Medical emergencies intervened on the 7th. We’ll reschedule for the 14th.

We left off in mid fight, deep in the basement filled with bugs. We rejoined the three assault team members… and together the 9 of us are fighting off cockroaches of varying sizes.

Can everyone make it Friday?