New Blogs

Out in the wide world of roleplaying, I’ve recently found some very nice blogs. They started off scattered around the previous post. I decided to move them here, since they’re a recurring destination, not just a one stop read the post place. With no further ado:

Critical Hits, a good general gaming site., focussed on D&D. Cool tools are scattered around. There are lots of good short posts and series. Quick D&D game prep is good advice for spending your time gaming, not prepping.

Hack/ is another D&D 4e focussed blog.

Save vs DM: Geeks on the Borderlands is an interesting blog… that just got restarted.

Musings of the Chatty DM, a nice, general roleplaying discussion blog. More craft than theory.

One Angry Gamer is a website covering RPGs– both computer and tabletop.

Not just a blog, but…Ground Zero Games now has a real net presence.

From the world of roleplaying

A new, very intense version of the Paladin (for D&D, of course).

Cool shortcut: One Sentence Character Motivations.

Three tiered conflict webs: an expansion on a great idea.

I thought this was interesting to stumble on, since it matches my “Hero Points” idea and raises: FYIA tokens.

Twist of Fate World Creation: very similar to Universalis style world building. More open ended than Dawn of Worlds.

Barebones systemless character questionnaire.

Quick character background: randomized backgrounds with linked feats, great for first time players.

In 4e news, they’ve shifted their release schedule. Instead of May/June/July for the three core books, they’re now going to release all three books on June 6th. Just after Dad and Jennifer’s birthdays, of course…

PTA+Spirit, a post I need to check out. It sounds cool.

Spirit of the Verse, a SotC/Firefly cross.

Bliss Stage is a cool RPG I’ve been following through creation. The “alpha” version is out, and it sounds like the lengthier version is due soon.

Easy Point Buy calculator (found via Hack/). Pick your stats and race and get realtime results. Also: Expendible Item (scroll, potion, etc.) cost calculator.

Instant Campaign Builder is a solid, well linked blog series.

Ross Win interviews Rob Donoghue

It lives! And other scheduling

It looks like we’re looking at the first Friday in November as our next gaming get together. Does anybody have a problem with gaming Friday, November 2nd? If so, please let us know in comments.

I’m looking forward to November…

BTW: Bugs, I’m coming for you! It just looks like I’m moving away from you… the film must be in backwards.

Next Game: Let’s figure out when

UPDATE: If you saw the previous update, ignore it. After Eric’s ceremony was canceled, Dad reverted to his old trip plans.

We’re currently looking at Sunday October 14th as the next potential game (unless something else breaks our way first). Let us know if you can make it. Does 2:30 sound like a good start time again? For food: Do we want people to bring their own food at 2:30 (or eat prior) and plan a few pizzas at 6, or some other plan?

Here’s a link to a Calendar, showing what events are going on. Game Group Calendar. If you have an event keeping you away from gaming coming up, let me know and I’ll add it to the calendar. [FYI: Jennifer and I are in blue, all other game session related events– including game days, conflicting work, travel, etc., are in Red.]