Gaming Reminder

T minus two days– everyone still ready and excited?


Our next get together is Friday, July 6th Friday, July 13th. (Dad is away again this weekend, for his forty-mmmph high school reunion.)

I’ll try to keep a calendar up to date with our game days– unless the wiki or somewhere else works better for you. Just let me know!

Last weekend (June 29th) Dad headed south and Jennifer and I are headed north.

Black Sites

While she writes about the black sites we illegally operated in Poland and Romania, Hilzoy steps aside and answers the important question of why we don’t allow torture in our name. There are two reasons, and sympathy is only the first… and most tenuous. More than sympathy stays our hand: Hilzoy eloquently writes why.

There are some things we, as individuals, should not do to other people. Often, we will also sympathize with those people, and that sympathy might prevent us from, say, torturing or raping them. Sometimes we feel no sympathy, however — the other person might be a person only a saint could sympathize with, like Jeffrey Dahmer. If our only reason for not torturing or raping people was sympathy, then when faced with such a person, we might have no reason not to do whatever we liked to him or her. But sympathy is not our only reason for not torturing and raping people. There’s also self-respect: the thought that whatever someone else might choose to be like, and even if that person has chosen to be Jeffrey Dahmer, there are certain things that I will not choose to do, because I do not want to be the sort of person who does them.

If someone saw me not torturing Jeffrey Dahmer and said: Gosh, there’s hilzoy, all undone by the thought that such a horrible person might suffer even a teensy bit of pain, I would think: sorry, but you do not understand why I am doing this at all. And if someone thinks that the reason I do not want my country to abduct children, to disappear people without charges and without trial, to waterboard them, or to keep them in isolation for months on end, is nothing but concern for them, they are making a similar mistake. I feel terrible about what we have done to a lot of people — the Uighurs, for instance. I do not have a lot of sympathy for Osama bin Laden. But that fact has precisely nothing to do with my thinking that there are certain things I simply do not want my country to do, even to him.

Only tangentially related: Some nuts and bolts of CRSTs and other Guantanamo related legal decisions. Very interesting.

Next Game: Friday June 15th

Weary and worn, our runners straggled back to the cave with a gaggle of strangers. We’re ready to return to the big city. Some of the runners are probably swearing off any greenery more than a city park ever again…

We’re on for Friday unless something comes up. Let us know if you’ll have any trouble making it!

Next Game: Friday, June 8th

Unless you hear otherwise, we’re looking forward to continuing our escape from the Blood Mage’s sacrificial chambers on Friday.

If you’ll have a problem making it, please let everyone know.

It looks like Jennifer’s family won’t roll into town until Saturday, so we should be a go.