Next Game: May 11th

Keep an eye on the Scream Sheets— the disappearance of the Troll Killers is news!

We’re off this week (lots of people heading out of town), but should be ready to resume next week. The characters have all come off their overhaul and are ready to hit the shadows again…

Update: I was wrong again; this weekend (May 4th) both Dad and Jennifer will be out of town. So we’re looking at resuming on May 11th. Sorry for misinforming everyone.

Next Game: Unsure

A close friend of the family, Bill, died on Sunday. The funeral is Friday, and we’ll be hosting out of town guests, so we won’t be available on Friday.

Does another day work this weekend? Saturday afternoon and Sunday should be OK for us.


Old message:Our runners are ready for the conclusion of the solar-tech story… doubtless we’ll be presented with medals and a parade. (Or not…)

Kev mentioned that we’d do some character tweaking after the resolution, now that people understand the system a little better. So if there’s anything that bothers you about your character– or if there’s anything else you’re thinking about adding, keep it in the back of your mind and we’ll get it on the character sheets Friday.

Anything else?