Next Game: Friday, July 7th

(Well, Next Game: Friday, June 30th has become Next Game: Friday, July 7th. No other changes necessary.)

Having dealt with a nasty “rebel pirate” attack, it looks like our liner’s on course to hit the station next session. With our good friend, the administrator’s nephew, we’ll enjoy a little light gambling on station… and maybe figure out a good plan for taking the place for the rebellion. (As ever, I’ll update the log during the week, unless you beat me to it.)

Next Game: Friday June 23rd

We’re looking forward to the next session of the game, as we approach Cloud City and prepare to make the way safe for the tibanna gas harvesting. As ever, I’ll try to update the log with at least a rough outline of last session.

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Next Game: June 17th

I’m looking forward to continuing our the adventures of our Star Wars group in two weeks. We should be able to string together a couple of games in a row.

If you have any problem with resuming on the 17th. let us know!
— Scott

PS: As ever, there’s an up to date skeleton of our adventures at New Republic Log. If you want to flesh it out, that helps everyone.