Game On: October 2nd

Last week was lost to illness; I hope everyone’s on the road to recovery. Looking forward, next Sunday’s the October 2nd. Everyone ready to game?

After last night’s call around, here’s the coordination status:
Kev works Sunday (10-7 or so)
Jennifer works Sunday early (4-9 am)
Ben’s moved painting his car to Sunday

The game has moved to Saturday, with a proposed noon start time. Thanks to everyone (especially Ben) for making the last minute shift work out!

Gaming: September 25th

Next up, September 25th. No leveling or other strangeness (other than a little recovery from the great beyond).

Any problems, coordination, etc., let me know. (I’ll try and update the loot list– subtract off the stuff we sold, etc.)

Next Up: Sunday September 18th

Happy Birthday Kev! (Today, not the 18th.)

Next game is Sunday the 18th, same 2pm start as normal. Remember that we leveled to 10; I think everyone rolled HP, so some stats and skills monkeying and we’re ready to go.

Anything people want to figure out before we play again?