Some recent developments

Dogs in the Vineyard:
DitV rules updates Minor but useful.
DitV Second Session advice Also new to the rulebook, though long since covered in the forums.
On Authority DitV clarified again. (See especially lumpley’s post #9).

And some recent general roleplaying threads of interest…
Playing like you mean it Good thread on intensity and the like.
Too many plots An interesting discussion that relates to the proactivity discussions at the Master’s Council.

A couple of good posts by Hilzoy

Bush is willing to Veto the appropriations bill if the military agrees to follow its own rules about treatment of prisoners. Apparently Bush feels the retaining the executive office’s authority to torture is more important than paying the troops. Hilzoy writes about it eloquently (as ever), at Obsidian Wings.

About the Plame thing. Hilzoy quotes James Marcinkowski, ex-CIA, in her current Plame post:

“The exposure of Valerie Plame by anyone in the White House is the same as a local police chief announcing to the media the identity of his undercover officers.

Plus some good non-Hilzoy posts…
More than Abortion: Choice, Privacy, and Criminalization (from Amanda at Pandagon)

Dear Democrats Amanda writes about Roberts. Also, JR’s comment (about #7) is also a solid prediction.

Why I’m a pro-choice male by Jesse of Pandagon

Breaking the Peg Bilmon writes about what China’s changes to its peg really mean.

Abortion Facts Useful and too often unknown by all participants.

Next Game: Sunday July 31st

Well, we found a way to sneak in another day of gaming, even if we had to push the month to 31 days to squeeze it in. Same drill as normal– we’re assuming 2pm and everyone can make it. Let us know if that’s not true.

I don’t think there’s anything else tricky going on; no leveling, and a lot of huddling in the swamp, preparing to inflict more damage on the advancing legions of Sembia.

Roleplaying Wonkery

So, I’ve stumbled on a big rumbling discussion, largely sparked by MJ Young’s Article at Places to Go, People to Be.

The discussion was picked up in several places: On the 20×20 room (which sparked a response, here) and on the Master’s Council.

Here are some direct links to definitions: Illusionism, Participationism, Trailblazing, and Bass playing (um, not so linked). Others include No Myth, and Background Based Gaming. Unfairly overlooked: Pinball or Open Sim, which doesn’t have a really good link.

Help with sign ins

Dad has been complaining about the same typekey login problem that Kev has. Here’s what I think’s going wrong, based on my use of his computer & account.

When you want to comment
1) Click sign in
2) After it takes you to the typekey page, hit login. (If it doesn’t keep your name/password, re-enter those then hit login).
3) You’ll be returned to the website, but it won’t look like you can comment. Don’t hit sign in again! Instead, hit refresh.
4) You should get the comment box. Happy commenting!

Blog Warning

I’ll try to upgrade this to 3.2– it has a lot of convenient features (particularly anti-spam and organization) that I’d like. Unfortunately, I’m flying blind, so I’ll back up and cross my fingers… but posts and comments could be lost if I’m too klutzy.

(Um, I now notice that they’re advertising 3.2, but it’s not out yet. So no worries for a while. Plus the backup is easy (and done).)