Next Game: Sunday June 5th

What time do we want to start this week– our standard 2pm, or closer to noon (like last week)? Do we want to stop earlier? [I’d be OK with a solid 6 hour session, for example.]

Most of the spells were wonky again; I’ll have to check out your generator Dad & try to find out why it’s only churning out stuff we don’t have books for.

Next Game: Sunday May 22nd

So, Sunday the 22nd. Does the day work? Should we start around 2 pm, or is there a better time to start?

Let’s use this thread for purchases & item creation/sale, and a discussion about where we’re going. Ben kicked off with a great comment, questioning what our characters see as their next step.

[Update: We’ve already had our two weekends off– I deleted the reference to “what we’ll be up to”, since we’ve already done it. Also, I changed the date to bump it to the top.]

Undistributed Items

(An aside: Marv’s Spells is a very handy database of spells.)

Here’s our remaining loot list, categorized.
Golem Bane Clay Scarab
1500 gp Ink + Bottle & Quill; allows scribing scrolls w/o Scribe Scroll or XP cost
Chest of Holding
Pillow of Rest

Potions: Remove Fear, Expedious Retreat, Endure Elements (Fire), Endure Elements (Sonic)
Oils: Magic Weapon, Uncanny Dodge
Arcane Scrolls: Spider Climb x3, Grease, Misdirection, Blur, Mount x4, Spectral Hand x3, Sleep x3, Minor Image, Change Self, Summon Monster II x2, Web, Reduce, Shield, Familiar Pocket [CA: 106], Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm [Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting on page 74]

Wand of Preverication’s Bounty (33ch) — [Prevarication’s Bounty (Cleric 1) Transmutation: Causes the tongue of the victim to swell when the victim lies. from RR98 (not sure what that is)]
Void Rod, dragon eye gems, void pebbles

Potions: of Armor in a bottle [??], Undentified
Scrolls: Scroll of Lesser Spell Immunity [Dragon 275 p86], Hell’s Hammer [in dragon Lords of Melibone p120, Transmutation Weapon touched, Cleric 1], Invisible Object [??], Ray of Ice [Dragon Annual #5 on page 24], Bristle [?? Perhaps supposed to be Brambles– Complete Divine on page 156], Rat Vision [??], Wound [there are lots of X wound spells, but none just called wound.]

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Hell’s Hammer is from Dragon Lords of Melibone (which we don’t have)

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