Various October Links

Some links from the last few days, to be organized, etc.

Updated to convert links to hypertext– the plaintext was annoying me.

Hypertext SRD Very well done; makes good use of

Johhny Nexus’s LJ A good read; the intersection of his Critical Miss concerns, and his real life experiences.

Star Wars: Shadows (Forge thread) A great system and a great setting.

Casey and Andy, A cool webcomic about a pair of guys who love blowing things up. Often themselves. (via Irregular Webcomic)

Comics to Investigate (via Casey & Andy):
Alpha Shade
Miracle of Science

The Onion: Election Edition

Calculus to solve optimal sex frequency (Yup, that intersection of geeky and… well, geeky)

A cool gallery: Hugh Jamieson

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